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Cooper Discoverer STT PRO

Radial Off-The-Road Light Truck Traction tire that Offers a Range of Commercial and Flotation Sizes.


  • Armor-Tek3 carcass construction
  • Flex groove
  • 3-2 inner tread rib pattern
  • Alternating mud scoop and asymmetrical scallop
  • Large depth side biters on shoulder area of sidewall
  • Mud-flex design
  • M+S Rated
  • Standard Limited Warranty


  • For superior resistance to impact breaks and bruising and maximize carcass protection in extreme off-road conditions
  • Provides reduced noise, increased stability and handling, superior soft surface and mud traction, balanced wear and reduced vehicle drift
  • Pulls through muddy terrains with ease
  • Enhances traction and grip in muddy or soft terrain and in rock crawling situations
  • Creates a continuous cleating feature that digs through mud and yet still allows tread blocks to work independently to provide better stability and tread conformity in less aggressive situations


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